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Picture Perfect in any Light

What you may not know, is that the time of day you tie the knot is equally vital. Changes in light influence the way make-up looks and flash photography can be a game changer. It's important to consider the following factors for around-the-clock perfection.

Although matte foundation is usually preferred for photography, morning light is very soft, so skin can afford to be slightly dewier. This time of day isn't recommended if you have problem skin because natural light calls for minimal foundation and concealer, but it's fantastic for natural girls who aren't used to wearing much make-up. While it's important to set your foundation, stick to a light dusting as heavy powder can look artificial and cakey. Avoid dark eyes and lips because when the light is soft, everything photographs darker and harsher then it appears in reality. Subtle, natural shades and a light application are bet.

Shadows can plague photos taken outdoors between noon and 4.30pm. This is the harshes light to be photographed in, so you must be picture perfect. Avoid a foundation or cheek colour with a sheen to it because it will look too reflective. A lightweight foundation and matte finishing powder is ideal. Dark eye colours aren't recommended either because eyes can tend to look deep set (like black holes) in photos. False lashes are a great alternative to strong eyeliner. Choose pale, shimmering highlight colours, as well as neutral matte mid-tone or contour shade. The most important thing to remember with a midday wedding is blending. Any make-up faults will be most visible at this time of day, so ensure there are no lines or inconsistencies on your finished face.

The late afternoon light is the most flattering for photography. The sun is beginning to set, creating a warm, golden glow. From about 4pm the light becomes more forgiving, so more depth can be introduced on eyes and lips. A matte finish on skin is still preferable, but if you have skin concerns you can afford to apply a fuller coverage of corrective foundation and concealer. As light fades, the photographer will use a flash, which can make skin appear washed-out. To combat this, use a cheek colour and contour the hollows of the face. You can choose from a wider range of colours for eyes and lips. Rich shades look beautiful in late afternoon light.

Flash photography can flatten the shape of your face and make you look washed-out, so contouring is vital. Bronze generously. The flash emphasises pink undertones and sucks warmth from the skin, so opt for a yellow-based foundation. It can also make make-up disappear, so this is the time to wear the most colour. Eyes, lips, cheeks and brows should be more defined. Think heavier liner, lots of mascara and false eyelashes.


Jessica having her makeup applied on her wedding day. An afternoon beach wedding in full sun, the bride was placed under a white silkie gazebo during the ceremony, which softened the harsh afternoon light and shadows on her face.