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Chris and Brie had their Ridgeback "Duke" escorted down the aisle on their wedding day.


Pooches are walking down the aisle more and more, and it wasn't until I saw an article in the "Gold Coast Eye" about this, that made me agree completely with what they were saying. I am attending more weddings with the owners walking down the aisle with that beloved pet. Specialised Pet stores reporting a thriving trade in crystal collars, canine tuxedos and designer doggie clothing.

Couples get so excited about having their pet be a part of such an exciting journey and getting all dressed up. It's becoming more and more popular because people just treasure their pets. Some people may think this is a joke when you talk about a dog going to your wedding, but it's not a joke, it's real. Pet owners get it.

Pets aren't just a furry face in the crowd at the ceremony, they are scoring key roles in the bridal party, often the smartly dressed pooch is the ring bearer, and some are making their dogs their best man, or maid of honour. Brides-to-be put as much effort into making sure their pets look stylish as they do choosing their own gown. From Swarovski bling to vintage velvet flowers and sterling silver dog jewellery. There is a style to suit every pooch and wedding setting.

Order your pooch's outfit at least two months before the big day to make sure you get what you want. Make sure you walk your dog half an hour before the ceremony to make sure there are no accidents as you are going down the aisle.

Also organise for someone to take your dog home.